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Autism Spectrum Disorder-Symptoms and Types

Autism spectrum disorder is a progressive disorder that is harmful to the communication system and behaviour. A victim of this disorder feels difficulties in the way of communication and handling things. 

Most people become repetitive and restricted in their communication.

Most people become repetitive and restricted in their communication. As we know that language is an essential and integral part of human life. Without the development of the language, human beings cannot change into the shape of a civilized person. After the development of language, it has been found that most people are the victim of autism spectrum disorder.

Sign And Symptoms Of ASD

As we know the people with this disorder feel difficulty in interaction and communication, restricted interested and restate words. Research has shown that the environment will affect the system of communication. Parents’ experience is very important in the process of screening and child growth. They should care for special children and should develop a special treatment for them.  Most sign of disorder show at an early age, however, most signs are hidden.

Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders 

If you want to better understand autism spectrum disorder then you should keep in mind the kind of autism spectrum disorder. The most common and special kinds of autism spectrum disorder are three; the one is Autism disorder, Asperger syndrome and development disorder. Let’s discuss three kinds of autism disorder step by step.

 Autistic Disorder: 

This kind is often used for the classical term. In this kind of disorder, people feel difficulties in hearing. The main factors of this disorder are social and communication challenges unseal behaviours and language delay. However, it can be natural in many children. We can agree that this disorder may be by the reason of intellectual ability. As we know that the ability of hearing plays an important role in the life of human beings and without the faculty of hearing a person will not be able to learn things easily. He will cut off from social life. This disorder is a very challenging task for human beings that people will feel difficulty in life.

Asperger Syndrome: 

The caustic disorder maybe happens in the kind of Asperger syndrome. In the phonology, autistic is an ability to judge the voice that how voice moves from lips to ear and ear to lips. The victim of this disorder can be interested in different behaviours and challenges. However, this disability has no real connection with intellectual ability. Another point that you should keep in mind is that natural factors play no important role in this disorder.

Pervasive Development Disorder:  

This type of disorder called PDD or NOS. The symptom of autistic disorder usually appears at an early age. The best solution for this development is that it should be check at childhood. Without proper treatment of this disorder, a person will not able to communicate it. The victim of this disorder will not be able to respond to his or her name very easily. The people will not give proper facial expression.

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